Mission & Ethos

Consider The Environment In Everything We Do

Defit is in an industry which generates waste… a lot of waste. Common waste items include floor coverings, walls, ceilings, glass, furniture and signage and these are the items you can see. Items you don’t normally see include, air conditioning, insulation, electrical cabling and concrete beds/slabs. A standard office defit may generate in excess of 40 tonnes of waste material!

If we had no social conscience and our focus was entirely on profits, this would all end up in land-fill.

Our site practices and procedures are governed by principles aimed at creating the least harm to our environment and doing the right thing.

Our environmental and redundant asset management policy is built around 3 pillars – Re-Allocate, Re-Cycle and Dispose. Our primary aim is to find all redundant assets and materials new owners and where this option is no longer available, recycle the raw materials through appropriate channels. Only if we cannot do either, does disposal become an alternative.

mission and ethos

Hitting our Targets

Our mission is to transform an industry traditionally tolerant of irresponsible waste management practices by achieving targets once thought impossible and changing how we think of ‘waste’. We are aiming at recycling or re-allocating 100% of all waste materials and we won’t stop until this becomes the norm. We also want to change our perception of waste. The term ‘waste’ itself doesn’t help as it implies having no future relevance and of being a burden. This is simply not the case so we refer to traditional waste as “Redundant Asset”. You’ll notice that our waste management policy is actually a Redundant Material Policy.

Our mission and ethos-to reduce our impact on the environment, influences many other areas of our business. One such way is to operate from a paperless office. We encourage all of our clients to send us digital communications rather than paper-based invoices and faxes. We will soon commence a new quoting system, eliminating the need for site visits thus reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. All of our lighting is from energy-efficient LEDs and we choose diesel engines over unleaded for our vehicles due to their increased efficiency and longevity. Wherever we can make a difference – we will.

Make Customer Satisfaction Our #1 Priority

Of course these policies and practices would be useless without the opportunities to exercise them so the other key part of our ethos is to create the most satisfied clients. The more satisfied clients we have – the greater the impact. The two go hand in hand and we don’t believe we can have one without the other.